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Looking for a gingerbread recipe?

Read ON! Amazing source of iron, calcium and magnesium for vegetarians This is a fantastically delicious recipe for gingerbread from one of my vintage cookbooks published in 1967, called "Molasses Flavour - for modern cooks-". It's published by the Boston Molasses Company, a division of SuCrest Corporation, New York. Obviously some kind of advertising pamphlet… Continue reading Looking for a gingerbread recipe?


(Recipe) “OMG! I think I’m coming down with something” soup

Change of season is upon us again! Hot, cold, hot, cold - it sends our immune systems askew, we're more likely to wear inappropriate clothing for the weather and all of a sudden before we know it there's a lurgie on the way.  In TCM we call these Exterior Wind patterns, because the ancients believed… Continue reading (Recipe) “OMG! I think I’m coming down with something” soup