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Do you get bad hayfever? Read this.

Recently, numerous people have been complaining of early hayfever following a particularly weird and extremely rainy Winter. If you would like to understand what Chinese medicine has to offer hayfever (or Allergic Rhinitis) sufferers, read on! Toward the end of August, we are fast approaching that beautiful time of year that looks and feels like… Continue reading Do you get bad hayfever? Read this.

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TAC & Work Cover claims for acupuncture

Life is not always kind, and sometimes injuries happen either from car accidents or in your profession, that can stop you from working or going about your normal activities.    But did you know that treatments performed by AHPRA registered acupuncturists are eligible for rebates for Transport Accident Commission (TAC) & Work Cover in Victoria? … Continue reading TAC & Work Cover claims for acupuncture

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5 health tips for a beautiful Summer

Summer has finally arrived! It seems like it's been the longest and wettest Winter in years this year, partly because of the on-again-off-again lockdown scenarios that have been going on for the last couple of years. But even with vaccination freedom, civil unrest from protesting, life waking up and everyone going out, we are able… Continue reading 5 health tips for a beautiful Summer

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What’s a drug reservoir?

Drug reservoirs are pockets of substance that stay in the body and affect it when they are released - sometimes years after they have been initially taken. Here's a relatively simple explanation of how drug reservoirs develop and appear when you least expect them. In Chinese medicine we view the body as a landscape, with… Continue reading What’s a drug reservoir?