Old and New

As the founder of Central Highlands Pain & Well-being, Dr Shelley Beer, PhD., bids us all adieu and sails away, Dr Rebecca Tolhurst (TCM) takes the helm of the Daylesford clinic.

Previous patients might be wondering who this new person is – and we encourage you to stop by and say hello so that we can have a cup of tea and a chat.

Community Acupuncture will continue indefinitely.

Community has become a big part of Shelley’s legacy over the last few years.  Rebecca intends to continue the sessions, four days per week, Tuesday to Friday.  Sessions will be shifting to the front room of the offices, and tea will be served at each group session. Session prices will remain the same at $30 for every person, every time. Health fund rebates will shortly be available via HICAPS.

Rebecca’s approach

Rebecca views every person’s health as holistic and individual, and tailors each session to accommodate, with personalised treatment design.  Educated and mentored by Shelley at Victoria University of Technology, beginning in 2000, she uses raw or granulated Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture, Chinese bodywork, meditation or spiritually-derived styles – whichever combination is more relevant to to person in front of her – you.

Acupuncture style

There are so many different styles of acupuncture and each one suits a different type of patient with different health complaints.  Traditional Chinese-style acupuncture is often used for musculoskeletal issues and pain, where Japanese style – very superficial and more energetically focussed, with super-fine filament needles – is used more for emotional issues and where patients are very sensitive.  Some patients need 5-element style point therapy, some need Dr Tan’s balance method, some need esoteric style acupuncture, and some need a complete absence of needles and a focus on bodywork, massage, moxa, cupping or gua sha.

Please let Rebecca know if you’re sensitive at the beginning of the consultation and she will work with you to find a comfortable and sustainable way for you to enjoy the session.

Hospitality and Food focus

In another life, before Chinese medicine, Rebecca waitressed, food prepped and tended bar for 20 years, from her teens to late 30’s. As a result she developed a deep empathy for hospitality employees, as well as an experiential understanding of the types of occupational injuries incurred whilst performing work duties. She also has a keen interest in amazing ways to put food together, nutrition and supplementation, and is obsessed with food history.  She can advise about TCM food medicine principles but with a modern twist – so you can always find something awesome to replace the things you have to give up.

Public Health & AOD detox

Rebecca has a background volunteering in community and not-for-profit clinics where she has supported homeless people and those detoxing from alcohol and other drugs. In addition to her Chinese medicine qualifications, she has been awarded a Graduate Diploma of Public Health from LaTrobe university in 2018 and is still involved in regular volunteer and professional acupuncture work in the AOD sector.


BHSci (Chinese Medicine)

BHSci (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Grad. Dip (Public Health)

Dr Rebecca Tolhurst (TCM) is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and is registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) under the Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine divisions.