Welcome to the recipes page, where you can find something you enjoy that is also healthy, and therapeutic benefit – With a Chinese Medicine twist.

The Sage advising to eat linseed during Autumn to prevent dryness.

Much diet therapy involves prohibition of certain foods but what is often missed is the relationship we have with it asthinking, eating beings. The relationship you have with your food is key here – a good thing to remember when eating is that *what you eat is going to become part of you*. Do you want to be comprised of junk food? No? Didn’t think so.

So here are some recipes for you to try out.  Obviously if you have food sensitivities we don’t advise you eat anything that’s likely to cause problems.  The recipes can be modified to suit different dietary restrictions – apart from the super meaty ones. But if there’s something you’d like to know, get in touch and ask a question! We’d be happy to answer any queries you have.  Bon Apetit!

And now – The Recipes!

Numero Uno: Bone Broth

It’s like, OMG! YUM! as a base for soups or stews.  And it’s great to nourish Yin & Blood – that means in layman’s terms, structural protein.  Structural protein is important for tendon & cartilege integrity, and helps you build muscle if you’re on an exercise regime. The protein shake you have when you’re not having a protein shake.  It’s advised to eat foods like this during the cooler months to preserve Yin – but spice it up a bit in Winter to circulate the Qi and preserve Yang.

Number 2:  Hey! You! Get offa my Cloud Fungus Salad!

Black Fungus, that looks like clouds when you add water. Like a dinosaur toy from the 80’s. No, seriously.  But truth be told, this dish is delicious, nutritious, constructed in accordance with Chinese Food Medicine principles and will absolutely knock your socks off.  TRY IT!!!

Number 3: Quick & Yummy Mushroom Soup (AKA Awesome things to do with Bone Broth)

Delicious and fast, this mushroom soup recipe is made from any kind of edible mushroom you desire to create a nourishing meal in under 10 minutes. Great for TCM diagnoses of Yin Deficiency or Blood Deficiency.  

Number 4: “OMG! I think I’m Coming Down With Something!” soup.

This quick and easy soup with only a few ingredients contains 3 things that we commonly use in Chinese herbal medicine. It was a very popular blog post, drink it for kicks, drink it for the salty miso goodness, or just have it for dinner.

Number 5: Festive & Nourishing Molasses Gingerbread

Now you can eat yummy holiday food and nourish your Spleen, Kidneys, Blood and Stomach Qi all at once! Containing molasses to tonify Blood, and some beautiful Yang tonifying herbs like Cloves, Cinnamon & Ginger, our excuse is that it is therapeutic, and we’re sticking to it!