(Recipe) “OMG! I think I’m coming down with something” soup

Change of season is upon us again! Hot, cold, hot, cold - it sends our immune systems askew, we're more likely to wear inappropriate clothing for the weather and all of a sudden before we know it there's a lurgie on the way.  In TCM we call these Exterior Wind patterns, because the ancients believed… Continue reading (Recipe) “OMG! I think I’m coming down with something” soup

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Recipe: An Awesome Thing To Do With Bone Broth

Chinese medicine practitioners often recommend Bone Broth as an addition to your diet, particularly over the cooler months.  It is suggested for the TCM Diagnoses of Blood Deficiency or Yin Deficiency, to help restore your body with the structural proteins it needs.  Bone broth is awesome for your health but sometimes it doesn't taste that great, and if you have to have it day in, day out it can be a little bit on the boring, stodgy side.  So, we've decided to share a quick & easy recipe for a beautiful soup that you can enjoy, based on bone broth. 

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The Autumn Flow (Metal Series, article 2)

Before we go into the whys and wherefores of this very moment and its celestial significance, let’s talk for a minute about seasonal energy and how we can use it to our advantage. Going along with what already is If you work *within* Universal vibrations and *along with* the resonant energy, things are generally easier… Continue reading The Autumn Flow (Metal Series, article 2)

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The Metal Series Introduction

The Shift to Autumn In the Southern Hemisphere we are heading into Autumn, the key season of the Metal element. To tap into the Seasonal energy and give ourselves an idea of how to harness it and use it to our advantage, we'll begin with an exercise.  Early Autumn: An exercise in observation Find yourself… Continue reading The Metal Series Introduction

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Seasonal Change

"Therefore the change of Yin & Yang through the four seasons is the root of life, growth and reproduction, aging and destruction. By respecting this natural law it is possible to be free from illness. The sages have followed this, the foolish people have not." - The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal medicine (Huang Di… Continue reading Seasonal Change