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The Metal Series Introduction

The Shift to Autumn

In the Southern Hemisphere we are heading into Autumn, the key season of the Metal element. To tap into the Seasonal energy and give ourselves an idea of how to harness it and use it to our advantage, we’ll begin with an exercise. 

Early Autumn: An exercise in observation

Find yourself some paper and a pen, sit quietly in a spot where you won’t be disturbed, and write down your answers to the following questions.  You don’t necessarily have to answer all of them, they are a list to give you some ideas about how to identify what this seasonal energy is going to help you with.

Look out the window, or at your local vegetation.

Is there a tree? What’s happening to the tree at the moment? Leaves are changing img20190318115543-1504653341.jpgcolour in preparation to drop? Really?


Thought so.


How about YOU?

Questions to ask yourself:

What do you need to let go of, on a physical tangible level, at this very moment?

Are you grieving for someone or something?

Do you have a huge pile of clothes or other stuff you have been meaning to give to the op shop?

Do your kitchen cupboards or shed need clearing out?

Are you hanging onto old, worn-out relationships that have turned toxic and you would be better off without them?

Are there any limiting beliefs that you have been holding onto that would serve your highest good if you let them go?

Are you harvesting the last of your Summer fruit & veggie crop and preparing for the Winter, more frost-hardy planting?

Letting it all go

So once you have identified what you need to get rid of, start taking steps towards doing so.  Make a checklist and tick things off as you go along.

img20190318120254-719829404.jpgAll of these questions are those you would ask yourself in Autumn, the season of letting go.  Letting go does not have to be painful or bitter, unless you make the conscious (or unconscious in many) choice to make it that way.   Tune in next time for the reasons why Autumn is synonymous with release.

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