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The times, they are a’ changin’…


Change of opening hours

Some housekeeping with Bob:  Coming up to the holidays, a few awesome changes are rumbling around at Central Highlands Pain & Wellbeing.

Bob says it best, but we’re changing opening hours, at least for the warmer part of the year. 

Start time will henceforth be 10am except on days when it’s afternoons only, then it will be 1pm.  Cliniko will be changed accordingly for online bookings, so remember to make a mental note.

COMMUNITY THURSDAYS is changing from 9-11am to 10am – 12 midday. This breaks the day up a little better and stops overlap with private sessions. Also you guys get to sleep in for an extra hour.

New hours are:

Tuesdays:               1pm – 5pm          (2pm – 4pm COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE)

Wednesdays:         10am – 5pm        (ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIONS)

Thursdays:             10am – Midday  (COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE)

1pm – 5pm         (ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIONS)

Fridays:                   1pm – 5pm         (2pm – 4pm COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE)

Saturdays:               1pm – 5pm        (ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATIONS)

There is also more exciting news coming…. Stay tuned for more announcements!

In the mean time, book yourself spot for an acupuncture & herbal medicine session.

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