Massage therapist is in the house!

Diana Domonkos treatment room 1

Massage is actually a thing in Chinese Medicine!

You might have noticed that banner on the side of the building as you walk up Albert St that says, “Massage”.  People often think that Chinese medicine practitioners are confined to one or two streams of our medicine but that is not the case in a holistic set of therapies.  

We offer traditional Chinese massage with a combination of covered, oil-free and oil-based deep tissue with bodywork following the Chinese medicine philosophy.  All kinds of blockages can occur in muscles & tendons. Dr Rebecca Tolhurst (Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner) performs the massages herself and has trained with a 3rd generation Traditional Chinese bodywork therapist for 7 years, and completed over a year’s training in Tui Na (Traditional Chinese style massage), musculoskeletal anatomy & musculoskeletal therapies, including facilitated stretching and Qi Gong, as part of her acupuncture-2956853_1920degree at VU.  Combined with clinical experience, her massages are intuitive and personalised to target sore areas and relax tired and constricted muscles.  She also incorporates other Chinese bodywork therapies into the massage with cupping, moxibustion and gua sha as additional tools in her holistic medicine repertoire. With a TCM doctor doing your massage and giving advice, you might be given exercises to do at home for self-management of your injuries and to speed up the recovery process. We also stock a range of liniments, bath salts & supplement products for musculoskeletal health that you can take home and use yourself.

Massage at Central Highlands Pain & Wellbeing ranges in pricing from $60 for 1/2 hour to $110 for a 60 minute session. Ask about our locals special.

If you like, you can combine massage & acupuncture in our 1 hour “Express Combo” treatment, with 1/2 hour massage & 1/2 hour acupuncture for $90. This type of appointment may attract health fund rebates if you are covered for acupuncture.

Massages can be booked at any time during opening hours, as long as you can find a spot. You can book now through Cliniko, or call/text 0422 353 446 to  make a time if you can’t find something that suits you.

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