COVID Virus practice update – Don’t panic & Strengthen your Lungs!

Victorian Government Health alerts for COVID-19

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners have been keeping up to date by communicating with each other, sharing red-cross-29930_640cases and incidence reports as well as public health information.  The Victorian government Health Department is releasing daily updates so we can all maintain some perspective about what is going on in our own communities outside the Greater Melbourne area.  Safety should hopefully be increased with tighter travel restrictions.

Click here to check the updates out for yourself.

Community Acupuncture still going!

With social isolation, that’s weird, right? Well, no. Due to COVID-19 infection & social yin-2332166_1920isolation protocols, pre-existing Community patients can now book Community sessions at any time.  Pricing is the same and it will still be a seated session, but you won’t have your session in a group. This is to protect you and the environment, but still maintain your ability to access low-cost health care as usual.

Skype consults now available


For herbal medicine consultations, to reduce the need for travel, patients can book Skype consultations and have herbs shipped by post or delivered directly to your premises for a nominal fee.  If you can’t make it to the clinic, Chinese medicine can still make it to you. 

Hot tips – Strengthen your Lung, Spleen and Kidney Qi

While you’re hanging out at home, why not strengthen your Qi with some Qigong exercise? In Chinese medicine physiology the Lungs are their own organ system, paired with the Large Intestine as connected parts of the Metal element. The associated time of year is right now, late Summer to early Autumn.  Lung & Stomach Qi combine to form the Wei Qi. It protects us from outside influences and is similar to what Western medicine calls the Immune System.  It’s the outermost layer of Qi surrounding our bodies and ending with the pores in the skin. Here’s a beautiful video from Peter Deadman, much respected author of one of our widely used English translation acupuncture textbooks.  Watch it on Youtube.


Protect yourself and your family!

Chinese medicine has a long history of immune support by way of your Wei Qi. Protect yourself against viruses externally by keeping your distance, foregoing travel trips, wearing a mask and using infection control measures. Protect yourself internally by eating well, taking vitamins and getting a herbal prescription made up to support your particular constitutional Qi.

If you would like to book a session of acupuncture, cupping and/or Chinese herbal medicine, in person or via Skype, please do so online via Cliniko. 

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