(Omnivores only) New batch of local bone broth

(Sorry Vegetarians & Vegans! It’s a meaty post.)

Hi lovely people,

It’s getting chilly out there and Winter is well on the way with all that frost in the morning, despite the sunny afternoons!

In the clinic there are often patients who present with Yin & Blood deficiency and the various structural and internal medicine issues that they entail. I can’t extol the virtues of bone broth enough as a Yin and Blood tonic, it’s truly fantastic. Especially with some IMG20200524115243_1590285204036 (1)CoQ10 to assist in building proteins. The amazing folks at Spade to Blade catering in Raglan St have got their spectacular organic, small-batch Beef Stock available. Head down this weekend and pick up a tub.


It can be used as a soup by itself with added veggie deliciousness, or as a base for casseroles, stews & soups. For some recipe ideas, check the recipe page,  or do a search for anything delicious that has stock as a base.

If you would like an appointment to discuss your Yin & Blood status from a Chinese medicine perspective, book online or call 0422 353 446


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