Dr Tan’s Balance Method is back at Central Highlands Pain & Wellbeing!

Our clinic’s previous owner, the illustrious Dr Shelley Beer, wowed you all with Dr Tan’s Balance Method acupuncture during regular Community acupuncture sessions.

As a way to honour Shelley and her years of teaching, Rebecca has just completed the first 2 days of Si Yuan Balance Method training, and hopes to be heading back next year to do days 3 & 4.

There is already a huge difference in treatment style being adapted, with a focus on pain.

What is Dr Tan’s Acupuncture system?

For those who are unfamiliar with Dr Tan’s method of acupuncture, it is based on the Bagua_mirrorBaGua, or 8 trigrams, of the classical Chinese book, the Yi Jing (I Ching), or “Book of Changes”. You may be familiar with what these look like if you have ever seen a Feng Shui mirror (right) – often placed  above the door in a house to ensure harmonious energy. The lined symbols in the red section of the mirror frame are the Ba Gua, each comprised of a series of solid or broken lines. The broken lines represent Yin, and the solid lines Yang. Each Gua is a different combination of Yin & Yang forces which equates to a natural phenomenon. They are Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Mountain, Lake (or sometimes Marsh), Thunder & Wind.  The Ba Gua permeate many aspects of Chinese culture – from martial arts to Feng Shui, architectural design, medicine, folklore & fortune telling.

The Dr Tan Balance Method acupuncture experience

Dr Tan’s Balance Method involves identifying the site of pain and  balancing meridians on the opposite side of the body, in 3 steps. Consultation is slightly different and takes yin-2332166_1920less time, which is why it’s so great for Community Acupuncture when time and space is limited. Diagnosis is meridian-based rather than internal medicine-based so it differs there as well.  Acupuncture within this method involves utilising points in different areas of the body than with a regular TCM style treatment.  If the pain is in the right elbow, the balancing meridian on the opposite knee may be used.  Slightly longer needle retention times mean that appointments are a minumum of 40 minutes.  This intricate and remarkable system seems very complicated but is actually quite intuitive. In its fundamental state, when you strip everything back, it’s based on the Ba Gua which means at its very core, it’s based on the interplay between our old friends, Yin & Yang.

If you would like to book in for a Community Acupuncture or full acupuncture session in Daylesford for Tan style acupuncture, you can do so here.

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