Festive and Nourishing Gingerbread (Recipe)

Freshly baked molasses gingerbread

Amazing source of iron, calcium and magnesium for vegetarians

This is a fantastically delicious recipe for gingerbread from one of my vintage cookbooks published in 1967, called “Molasses Flavour – for modern cooks-“. It’s published by the Boston Molasses Company, a division of SuCrest Corporation, New York. Obviously some kind of advertising pamphlet but full of disgusting Molasses recipes including with frankfurts and as a base for BBQ sauce.

Why is gingerbread healthy?

The answer is molasses, an ingredient that is extremely rich in iron, vitamin C and calcium, and other important vitamins and minerals.

If you’re vegetarian and are looking for a great source of edible nourishment with an interstellar nutritional profile, try making this.

In addition to the molasses which, in Chinese medicine language has what we call a cloying nature, this dish also boosts Spleen and Kidney yang with Cinnamon bark, Cloves and Ginger which are all Chinese herbs that we use to circulate Qi and transport Blood and Body fluids through the meridians and collaterals. Molasses and wheat flour can be a little cloying and thick, but when blended with the spices, stirs up to circulate around the body.

Why wouldn’t you eat this?

If you are gluten, wheat, sugar or fructose free it is possibly not the best food to eat, so please bear this in mind before making the decision to try it. It also contains eggs so vegans could potentially replace those with egg substitute. I replaced the shortening with butter but you could just as easily use Nuttelex or other dairy free margarine for a completely vegan experience.

Here’s the recipe!

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