Springtime Fertility Awareness

Well, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to start learning about your fertility and cycles than during Spring. If you have been considering starting a family, it’s the perfect time, energy-wise, to start thinking about doing some fertility awareness as a couple.  Fertility awareness helps you learn about your body, how your cycles work and when is the best time to try in order for pregnancy to hopefully happen more quickly.  

Dr Rebecca Tolhurst (Physician of Chinese Medicine) has 15 years experience supporting couples in all stages of fertility and pregnancy, including assisted fertility programs and integrating with conventional medicine, using herbs and acupuncture. She explains and guides you through the process of getting pregnant, as well as teaching you how to support your body so that you are more likely to produce great quality follicles, great quality sperm and hopefully, great quality embryos.  

When you come in for your Initial Consultation, bring your partner and have an in-depth discussion together with a highly experienced professional, about:

  •      How to track your cycle properly
  •      What supplements to take based on your individual state of health
  •      What foods to eat to increase the nutrients you need for pregnancy
  •      What biomedical tests to do
  •      What lifestyle changes to make
  •      Your general health and how it relates to your fertility
  •      What options there might be if you have been trying for a while 
  •      If you are doing IVF or other assisted fertility already, ask about acupuncture support 

If you are keen to get started, book a 90 minute (Long) consultation so that we have time to chat about all this and more, as you embark on your exciting new fertility journey.

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